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Who is Candy Postma-Sanchez?

I am Candy Postma-Sanchez, an American who has been living in the Netherlands since 1974, and became a Dutch citizen in 2004.

I am from Florida, but my grandmother was a Taino Native American, from Puerto Rico. As a young girl, my grandmother was taken away from her father because he could not take care of her; her mother had died when she was born. When she was 8 years old, she was bought by a rich American to do household work in a family with four daughters. Hers was a very sad life.

Ever since I was young, I had a lot of interest in spirituality and old cultures. When I did publicity work for a spiritual magazine I met many great people and learned of their beautiful thoughts, things that helped me a lot, and still help me in my own spiritual development. Buddhism plays a major role in this.

Why did I start this project?
Several years ago, via our work for the spiritual magazine, we came in contact with a Native American elder. Right away, we got along good together, and I got more and more interested in these people. Every year when she returned to the Netherlands, we would meet, and I learned a bit more.

One day I received an unusual e-mail.

It was a real cry for help, it told about the enormous needs of especially the elders in the poorest reservations, those in South Dakota. I reacted, and got into contact with a foundation that helped on the spot. Because of this, I knew that if I would do something, it would get at the right spot.

I collected some money amongst my friends, and sent that, but I also realized that I wanted to do more, organize things better.

This foundation is the result.

It is my dream to help others, and Pine Ridge is a good place to start. Doing something here gives my life meaning.

I am very grateful to all my friends who have supported me until now, and I know there are many others willing to help our work in one way or another. Because, what is more beautiful than helping somebody else?

Do you have any suggestions or questions? Please contact me.

Will you accompany me on my journey?


Candy Postma-Sanchez
Chairwoman Stichting Cosmic Fire Foundation


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