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We understand the need to combat poverty and hunger. We cannot do without food; we cannot live without this fuel for our bodies.

That is why Stichting Cosmic Fire Foundation is actively supporting the Lakota Food Program for the Lakota families in the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, with monthly financial contributions.
There is much hungry, and government support is lacking. There are no supermarkets inside the reservation, only a few convenience shops with mainly unhealthy and expensive food. The only supermarket is just outside the reservation proper, in the town of Pine Ridge, and it is rather expensive. The next one is an hour away!
In the Pine Ridge Reservation poor nutrition is a main contributor to a low life expectancy, and a epidemic of diabetes.

It will surprise nobody that there is much suffering of cold and starvation during the winter months. But for many families summer is difficult too: the children are not getting their free school lunch during the vacations, and that was often their only meal for the day.

As a result of consultations with ONE Spirit our emphasis is currently the food program. Each month ONE Spirit organises the distribution of food packages for over 1500 people - there is a waiting list, and applications keep coming in.
Thanks to the food program those in need receive fresh produce and fruits, as well a meat. All work is done by volunteers who in this way earn their own food package. The program helps Lakota taking care of eachother.

ONE Spirit chairwoman Jeri Baker brought the chairwoman and treasurer of Stichting Cosmic Fire Foundation in contact with Food Program manager Bamm Brewer.
Recently Bamm Brewer took over the organisation of the food package distribution. With his own hands he renovated an abandoned building where now the packages can be put together, and from where volunteers distribute them all over the reservation.

The picture shows our chairwoman Candy Postma in conversation with Bamm in the then still unfinished building. Bamm Brewer is somebody with energy and enthusiasm to spare exactly the kind of person necessary to do this important job.
We are proud being able to work together with him - please keep supporting us so we may continue to do help this important program.

What can you do?

A food package costs about US$75,00. Besides that, there is another US$700,00 per month in vehicle fuel and maintenance costs.
You can help the Food Program by donating to the Stichting Cosmic Fire account mentioning 'food program'
The IBAN Code is IBAN NL86INGB0006361769, the BIC Code is INGBNL2A.
Naturally you may also use PayPal; in that case the account is
We guarantee that100% of all donations is transferred to the Food program.


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