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Lakota Language School

In 2018, Stichting Cosmic Fire Foundation of the Netherlands learned of the plan to start a Lakota Language School at Kyle, on the Pine Ridge Reservation on South Dakota.

For decades, the Lakota Sioux were forbidden to speak their own language, let alone teach it.

A language is an important binding factor for any nation, which is why Tilda Long Soldier, an experienced and qualified Lakota teacher, herself one of the rapidly diminishing number of native Lakota speakers, decided to start a Lakota language school in Kyle.

The plan is not only to teach children, but also adults who may know a few words already.

A building is available, but it will need a lot of (costly) care to make it suitable. The main problem is the roof, which is currently leaking in no less than five places.

Stichting Cosmic Fire Foundation promised to raise half the funds necessary, a local fund was to pick up the rest. Sadly, the latter never materialized.

So, there is a US$3000 hole in the budget. Naturally, we still want this wonderful project to get launched, so we're asking you if you could donate, even if just a little, to fulfil Tilda's dream and make the Lakota language as common again as it should be on the Pine Ridge Reservation.



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