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Positive news

We have to admire those people who will not let adversity get them down, but try to turn it into something positive. During our September 2012 visit we have seen and heard a lot about the miserable living conditions, but also of a lot of plans, and confidence in the future.

After it had been illegal for decades to teach the Lakota language now the children are learning it again. The focal point of education in the Pine Ridge Reservation is the Kyle College.

The Lakota are proud of their traditions, and consciously and actively keep thema live, as we could witness at two Wacipi or harvest festivals. These were not tourist events, there were hardly any visitors from outside the reservation, but the Lakota amongst themselves.

ONE Spirit has helped a group of Lakota athletes to participate in the 2012 New York Marathon. When this event was cancelled due to the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, the runners spontaneously decided to assist in the clear up. The picture shows Nupa White Plume clearing debris.

Photo: Indian Country Today)

All of these things prove that the spirit of the Lakota is very much alive, and that they deserve our support. This is not a bottomless pit - these are people who need to be helped on their way.


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