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The Manderson Safe House

Donna and Billy Jumping Eagle, who are working together closely with ONE Spirit, have created a safe refuge for up to 20 Lakota children who cannot be at home for a variety of reasons. Sometimes there just isn't enough space - up to 20 people may live in one small house - or there are domestic problems, like drugs, alcohol or violence.

At the Manderson Safe House these children find a real home with not only food and a bed, but they are also encouraged to stay in school. This is nurtured by the ancestral traditions - grandparents come to visit and transfer their stories in the old oral tradition. The children go on horseback camping trips and learn to care for horses, an important aspect of their culture. In short, the children receive good care and lots of love.
The children are not taken away from their families. Their parents know where they are, and that they are safe. They can visit their parents and families, but get the care they need. Some children stay for years at the Safe House.

ONE Spirit's Food Program helps feeding all of these hungry mouths. Besides that they supply clothing, beds and blankets, sleeping bags and other camping equipment, school supplies en holiday gifts. ONE Spirit is busy copying this successful concept in other parts of the reservation, the town of Allen will be the next location.

During their visit to the Pine Ridge Reservation the chairwoman and treasurer of Stichting Cosmic Fire Foundation visited the Manderson Youth Center Safe House thanks to an appointment via ONE Spirit. Donna and Billy Jumping Eagle are doing a fantastic job, taking care of the children as if they were their own.

The picture shows chairwoman Candy Postma with Donna Jumping Eagle.

Just before the opening of the house, late 2011, a lot of things were still needed. We are glad that by paying for sheets and blankets, towels and some mattresses, we were able to contribute to this great initiative.

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You can support Donna Jumping Eagle by donating to the Stichting Cosmic Fire account mentioning "Manderson Safe House" or, if you want to support the new house: 'Allen Safe House'.
The IBAN Code is IBAN NL86INGB0006361769, the BIC Code is INGBNL2A.
Naturally you may also use PayPal; in that case the account is .
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