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The Sicangu Lakota Youth Center

The Sicangu Lakota Youth Center is located in the heart of the Rosebud Reservation. The geographical location in the city of Mission is an advantage to the community and population they are striving to serve. The center is located just six city blocks from the Todd County High School/Middle School and the only Native American dormitory for students on the Rosebud Reservation.
The Sicangu Lakota Youth services provide culture, leadership development, career related learning, suicide prevention and other worthwhile opportunities with an emphasis on making them available to all transitioning middle and high school youth. Youth recieving the services will have the power and resources to realize whatever dreams or goals they may set for themselves. .
The Sicangu Lakota Youth Center volunteers provide an alcohol, tobacco and drug free environment while being a reliable and stable platform for growing, learning and building the necessary skills to preserve and pass on our rich history, culture and traditions. The Sicangu Lakota Youth Center services enables Native learners to become contributing members of their communities and is dedicated to enhancing and expanding the knowledge and virtue of our Native youth.

Noella Red Hawk, who is in charge, also organises activities with horses, which traditionally play a big role, like the annual Wounded Knee Memorial Walk and Ride.

At the end of every year warm clothing is distributed, an there is a Christmas dinner.

As said elsewhere, at this time our main priority is the Pine Ridge Reservation food aid, but when Noella approached us with a plea for help we just couldn't turn her down. Currently Stichting Cosmic Fire Foundation is paying the monthly water bill.

So much more is still needed! Do you want to help the Sicangu Lakota Youth Center keeping the Rosebud Reservation youth on the right track? .
You can help the Sicangu Lakota Youth Center by donating to the Stichting Cosmic Fire account mentioning 'Sicangu Youth Center'.
The IBAN Code is IBAN NL86INGB0006361769, the BIC Code is INGBNL2A.
Naturally you may also use PayPal; in that case the account is .
We guarantee that100% of all donations is transferred to the Sicangu Lakota Youth Center.


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